#BeBeautifulNotCruel : Every Life Matters | Cruelty Free Makeup Vs Animal Tested Makeup Comparison

by Jatin Gandhi
#BeBeautifulNotCruel : Every Life Matters| Cruelty Free Makeup Vs Animal Tested Makeup Comparison

Hey, everybody! I am super stoked about this project for a great cause, in collaboration with my sweetest friend, Gouri Koushik, who has a zest for animals and is a vegan. It’s time you go cruelty free for makeup and skincare brands too. It’s better for us and for the planet as well.

Love for the animals, spreading awareness, freedom for the well-being.

“Live and Let Live” is something everyone says. But the real question is, do we really follow it ourselves?
Animals are voiceless, helpless, innocent creatures. Does it mean we take undue advantage of them? Does it mean we, the “developed”, humans ruthlessly harm them for our needs, benefits? When we have alternatives for everything, why don’t we use them instead, that are animal cruelty free?

This is what all the fuss was about, that we crucially don’t get the fact why use animals for our needs. There is nothing as need, Need is something you can rely on, for your precise result. Small creatures like rats, hamsters, Guinea pigs, rabbits, cows, are used in laboratories by cosmetic companies. They are insensitively used for experiments that harm them and slowly hurt them to death. Is this all the human is capable of? Is this how “developed” you think it is?

There are many affordable, amazing, yet effective cosmetics that can be used for our benefits, that are animal cruelty free or vegan.
We have a proof that vegan or animal cruelty free cosmetics is no different from animal tested cosmetics.

Live in Harmony with other beings of the earth and become compassionate and sensitive. MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN FOR ALL THE OTHER BEINGS TOO.

EVERY LIFE MATTERS. Money cannot be equalized to worth of life. No life should be bought. Every being should be adopted out of love and should not be bought as a commodity. But, How fair is it on our part to only adopt and still contribute to the cruelty in this world? Think of all the pain the poor, voiceless, and innocent animals go through in the laboratories.

We want you to help us promote and make people understand that vegan products is as effective as products that are tested on animals. It is in fact better, as it helps you lead a guilt free life.

I was dismayed about the animals who are brutally massacred for leather, furs, angora, makeup products and what not.

This is appalling for people who don’t realize that “Love is destroyed if you are wearing something that is not free from animal cruelty.” Slaughtering animals just for the skin (beauty) or for the materials is not “fleshed-out fabulous.” It’s extremely horrendous. Animals are such a beautiful creature on this planet. All of the above I said about the massacre, is increasingly becoming disturbing.

We all deserve the freedom, and so do animals. But, I felt, IT WASN’T JUST ENOUGH. So, I thought people will believe by providing a truest analogy between using an animal tested products and vegan products which derives the same results. No differences at all between them. Makeup is everything about the tips and tricks, we all strive to do something that are potentially possible.

Here are the comparision between Animal Cruelty Free Makeup (Left) and Animal Tested Makeup (Right) that will make you heart-strucked and give love and support for the animals –

#BeBeautifulNotCruel : Every Life Matters| Cruelty Free Makeup Vs Animal Tested Makeup Comparison
Cruelty Free Makeup Brands (Left) and Animal Tested Makeup Brands (Right)
#BeBeautifulNotCruel : Every Life Matters| Cruelty Free Makeup Vs Animal Tested Makeup Comparison
Cruelty Free Makeup Brands (Left) and Animal Tested Makeup Brands (Right)
#BeBeautifulNotCruel : Every Life Matters| Cruelty Free Makeup Vs Animal Tested Makeup Comparison
Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

Coming to Makeup, I guess it’s pretty much everything about how you apply the makeup that can make your skin hydrated and flawless. It’s shocking to see people use animal products for beauty. Why can’t we refrain from using animal tested products, when we have an alternative that can deliver the same results as expected?

There are some AMAAAZING brands that are free from Animal Cruelty such as, St.Ives, The Body Shop, Cover FX, Bare Minerals, Kora Organics, NYX, Juice Beauty, Bath & Body Works, Too faced, Elf, Yes to, Rare Beauty, Tarte, and many more.

Just to be on the safer side, I am not mentioning the animal tested products. Anyhow, These are the list of Animal Cruelty Free Products we have used –



PRIMER : NYX Color Correcting Liquid Primer (Yellow)
Foundation – NYKAA SKINgenius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation
Concealer – LA Girl Pro Conceal (Pure Beige) & (Orange for Color Correcting)
Cream Contour – Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation Stick Conceal Contour & Corrector (Dark)
Powder Contour – Makeup Revolution Contour Palette
Blush – Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush (Sweet Scarlet)
Highlighter – Faces Ultime Pro Illuminating Powder


Eyeshadow – Eyeshadow Nyx Warms Palette
Eyeliner – Faces Beyond Black Eye Liner
Mascara – Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara


Glam on Lipstick (Day Dream) or Kylie Jenner Mary Jo K Lipstick (Bright Red)

Also, I feel y’all follow a lot of celebrities and their BTS about the makeup, photo shoots, or whatsoever it maybe, to learn and embrace it. Yeah? Well, there are some very well known models/celebrities, who are hardcore animal lover, and also supports the cause for animal rights that should not be subjected to captivity for materialistic needs. I’d like to mention a few – Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, P!nk, Simon Cowell, Kesha, and so on.

Here are some of the things they said about the animal rights :

Kylie Jenner – Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner beauty products are not tested on animals, and all shades of The Kylie Lip Kit are vegan, as mentioned in her website. Again, due to her huge affection and love for animals, it’s amazing that Kylie Jenner makes sure her brand doesn’t test on animals either! 

Peter Dinklage – “Game of Thrones” Actor Peter Dinklage has been a vegetarian for a couple of decades now and then. As I have heard that, He is also an ambassador for Cruelty-Free International, he is a huge animal lover. Also, He is fighting for a worldwide ban on cosmetic testing on animals.

P!nk – Pink, A musician and a vegetarian, who works with PETA to stand up for various animal rights causes. She also supports Greenpeace, and the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

Ellen DeGeneres – As you can see her Instagram feed with lots of loving animals, Ellen DeGeneres, who is a vegan and also supports animal rights organizations as The Gentle Barn, The Humane Society, and Best Friends Animal Society.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Leonardo DiCaprio sits on the board of several organizations that work to eliminate animal cruelty and prevent extinction including the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Global Green USA and the World Wildlife Fund.”

Tik Tok… Tik Tok…

Here we come, Kesha, who is a Global Ambassador for the Humane Society, sings her praises for her animal friends!
Speaking of animal friends, Why harm them, when animals are friendly? Think about it.
Also, She promotes using cruelty-free cosmetics. Among the many animal causes that she supports for, she has a huge obsession for cats.

Not only do they have millions of followers to support the cause, but a power of voice to change the world to a better place with conscience and mannerism. I am glad that, one can inspire millions of people and support the cause of animal rights. I truly admire their confidence, their intimate thoughts about every soul, which truly up brings the change and reassure that everyone including the animals has the right to live.
If many celebrities supports for the animal rights, so can you? 🙂

But, It’s so wrong to see the apocalyptic visions of promoting products by slaughtering animals, for beauty, for our own comfort, and so on. Why hurt them for our own comfort? Why hurt them for the materialistic needs?

Have you ever pulled your hair? Have you ever scraped your skin? You don’t realise the pain that has caused for just beauty. Why can’t we accept ourselves for who we are? Why can’t we use the products that are free from animal cruelty which determines no differences from the animal tested products? We all are imperfectly perfect. We are bound by the choices we take, the reasons we choose to perform.

Live in Harmony with other beings of the earth and become compassionate and sensitive. MAKE THE WORLD A BETER PLACE TO LIVE IN FOR ALL THE OTHER BEINGS TOO.

Go-native is a place where you feel like home, surrounded by lot of green plants and fresh air. Since, Go-Native is purely based on ecology, nature, and vegan brand, so I thought, It would be a great idea to mix fashion that are animal cruelty free for this positive cause as well. Not only Go-Native is a vegetarian restaurant, but also have various assortments ranging from furniture and accessories, Eco-friendly lights, organic oils and many more.

I can’t thank you enough for your immense love and support towards this project.

So, Anytime, if you plan to buy anything despite knowing whether it’s cruelty free or not, You should know if you really care for animals. You can check out these sources to find out if the brand is Animal Cruelty Free.

Also, You can type a brand name to check if they are animal cruelty free. Link on the above!

But, FOLKS!!! It’s NOT JUST ME, it goes to other people who have been in a part of this project, and also the many of you, who believed in my project and supported me. So, I am super grateful for that!

Makeup Artist – Harini Nagraj. Thank you so much for an amazing makeup and everything. I absolutely loved it!

Model – Gouri Koushik. Thank you so much for everything, despite all the traffic that has been caused. Hahaha. But, finally, We did it. I am super super glad.

So, Are you surprised that so many celebrities are fighting for animal welfare and supporting for the cause of animal cruelty? So, Can you? For the love of animals which is indescribable.

Share your thoughts in the comments section and Share it if you feel the same way. Share it! THANK YOUUU SO MUCH!!!