Go from Max Fashion to Max Comfort | Gender Neutral New Look

by Jatin Gandhi
Go from Max Fashion to Max Comfort - Fashion Instinct

Skin is a powerful instrument which empowers us to communicate with outfits in a saga of our expressions. Try this new stylish look and go from Max Fashion to Max Comfort.

We had to reshape and refashion the monotonous regularity and enhance the standard looks to extraordinary looks, which considered to be an essential as my fashion instinct. 

We are swamped with oh-so-many outfits and pick out one from them that are weather-appropriate, multifaceted and versatile. Sometimes, Fashion niggles me with little things like we cannot dress whenever we want and wherever we like it. Little things can make a profound difference in a transformation of the look with a consistent source of new designs, new styling ideas, and sartorial inspiration. 

However, We are in a transition from one season to another, which accordingly, changes our instinct towards the outfits. I am talking about the constant development of our choices, our looks, over the seasons of time. So do we make sure that we feel comfortable and be confident. 

Sometimes, Spring feels like summer, and we can’t help but be adaptable to change. Nevertheless, I made a valiant attempt to go all-round kind of style, which is suitable for all the seasons. 

Check out this new modern look that will satiate your fashion cravings with comfort and style: 

Go from Max Fashion to Max Comfort - Fashion Instinct
Go from Max Fashion to Max Comfort - Fashion Instinct

I wore V-shaped tees paired with dark beige jogger pants. White tees are 100% pure cotton, and it felt relaxed and comfortable. I am bored with the same old and standardized styles, so I decided to wear a stole like a kimono which transformed the whole look to voguish look. I felt free like a bird. 

What I truly admire about fashion is that it allows us to experiment with style and be fearless. It’s soft yet luxurious in your skin. This stole is easy-breezy for warm spring days and soupy heat. Got this stole from Women’s Apparel, but remember Fashion is gender-fluid so it doesn’t matter if it’s Women’s or Men’s.
Also, You can try with a woolen scarf for a winter season. I love how little things play harmoniously with the look together! 

V-Shaped tees – Bossini 
Jogger Pants – Max Fashion
Blue Stole from Women’s Apparel (Long Dupatta/Scarf) – Max Fashion