How To Recreate Your Simple Look to New Look | Gender-Fluid Style

by Jatin Gandhi
How To Recreate Your Simple Look to New Look | Gender-Fluid Style

Every time you stumble out of the bed in the morning, first thing you do is check your phone. You subconsciously brush your teeth and you’re in the state of oblivious mode. Before running errands, you look at the mirror and see if you’re looking good this morning.
You perform the same routine everyday and making sure you look good every morning. Positivity starts from within, and you know when you’re being proactive about yourself instead of being presumptuous.

So, Spice up your life by trying new things that you have not tried before, can outgrow yourself and look forward for new experiences. You are morphing yourself into New “YOU”. Like how different outfits looks different on you. Looking different with different outfits is something which I’d like to call – Fashion Morphism.
What defines you is how well you respond to the stimulation by being in an inspiring environment filled with creative perks.

Style Tips – Instead of simple look like tee and denim pants, you can try this new look. It can be achieved by starting off with a simple V-neck white tee paired with navy blue denim, topping with the light grey hoodie and a denim jacket. Anyone can pull off this look, cause Fashion is Gender-Fluid.

If you are following me on Instagram @jatingandhiofficial, then you would have noticed me doing different things. It’s amazing because you have an opportunity to be different in every own way. As they say, “People act differently around certain people. It’s not because they are fake. It’s because they have a different comfort zone around certain people.” Likewise, People dress up differently on different occasions and pamper your self-confidence.

White Tee – Bossini
Navy blue Denim – Max Fashion
Denim Jacket – Zara
Light Grey Hoodie – Jack & Jones