I Wore My Mom’s Hair Clip!!

by Jatin Gandhi
I wore my mom's hair clip_Jatin Gandhi_Men's Style Tips and Tricks

Before I converse about the “Fashion Revolution”, You gotta try this amazing style tips on how to shine on with the simple looks, which makes more of a statement than your ordinary option. Get dressed to kill with these Surprising next-level looks for this any important occasion .Today, Indian’s cacophony of styles in women’s fashion has long provided a source of fascination to those perusing images, whether on blogs or in the pages of magazines or books related to fashion. Sometimes, My views are unorthodox, unconventional and divergent. So I was confused and questioning myself “Why Men’s Fashion are cliche-ridden while most of the women’s fashion are reproduced from them?”

Stroked by negative thoughts, you regret yourself from taking a step forward. You are petrified to cross a tiny passage from one block to another.Stop complaining about the fear of crossing and your only chance to beat it IS by crossing the fear with confidence and faith in yourself.
I happen to believe the world will change when we think and do things differently. That starts with creating ourselves. Just do what your heart says, and everything your heart desires will fall into place.

Yes, I wore my mom’s hair clip and I’m shook.

Look 1: When I wore a plain black shirt paired with white pants, and I thought they look pretty simple. Just basics and nothing fancy. So, I decided to experiment and wore my mom’s hair-clip as a brooch which added a glam touch to even the most simple clothes, but in a distinguished and elegant way. You can also wear a brooch instead of hair-clip. Anything works.

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Look 2: I wore a grey cardigan over yellow striped shirt paired with white pants for winter preppy look. I love how hair-clip bring out the whole look into next level.

You can wear it for important occasions like wedding, date night, birthday parties, casual parties, anniversary and so on. Sometimes, first impression last for a longtime.

However, Perk up like a fashionista would dress up, even if you may not be. It’s really important to look good, and appreciate the simple effort of oneself.

Moving toward the things we know and discover something new, something that is unexplainable and unique. Doing extraordinary things for a better change; the things that keep us alive while we do things differently.
We cannot possibly live with the same old, it gets mundane like you are stuck to a bubble gum of the same flavour from hours. We need more flavours, better tastes, better innovations – those are the driving forces to life.
We are here for a purpose. Everyone has their own purpose in life. Do something revolutionary and make it extraordinary.
Fashion is a mosaic of things; All you do is arrange all the pieces together to form a whole outlook, which also helps you to stimulate your own creativity, think differently and kick-starts the spirit.

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Shirt – Shein
Hair-clips – Some Jewellery store my mom bought it from.
Black Shirt – Koovs
White Pants – H&M
Grey Cardigan – Zara
Shoes – Converse Weather-proof