Is Men’s Fashion Meh, Boring, and Ordinary? | New Men’s Fashion Trends To Look Out For In 2020

by Jatin Gandhi
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I suppose a lot of men think that Men’s Fashion is meh, boring, and ordinary. Don’t despair as I have got plenty of stuff in here for you. It’s time to give your wardrobe a makeover with these new men’s fashion trends that are stylish AF. The search for something is like finding contentment in the most unlikely of places.

In this quagmire of everyday situations, we come across so many things where we feel lost and hopeless, but in this generation, we are getting smarter than ever before.

If you are artistic, creative enough to pull off a new look, you can wear anything.
Also, You don’t need expensive clothes to look more stylish, it’s all about the clever tips and tricks that lies in, to rock an outfit. Go stylish with these flamboyant hues!

Just like how with technology we transform ourselves with the self-knowledge and the skills that helps us traverse and overcome the challenges; and opportunities that we come across in a changing, complicated world. We all should be proud of our own interiority and harnessing our self-knowledge in real life situations. It’s amazing how we get accustomed to the latest technology without reading any manual. Haha. Likewise in fashion too.
As always I have been told, Master the basics, you will explore, discover, and morph yourself into new you.

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Look 1: I wore this abstract printed shirt paired with my comfy pyjamas and a scarf to elevate the whole look. It’s spiffy af.

Look 2: I wore a printed shirt paired with textured light pink khadi pants for Indo-western look. The Kurta (Top) and scarf are from Go-native, Pyjamas are from Max Fashion.
It’s not the things that I am happy about, it’s about the feelings of desire and enthusiasm. I love how printed scarf can add a fun touch to the outfit for a flamboyant look.

Styling tips: Whether it’s a top or bottom, it’s best to pair plain or stripes with something printed. For an instance, in first look, I didn’t want to look exaggerated so I paired a printed kurta with plain khadi pants for clean and stylish look.

And for the second look, If your kurta is plain and the pants is printed, you can wear a scarf to bring out the whole look into next level.

All the outfits are from Go-native. It’s a place where you will find more choices, more designs, and many more. I love their aesthetic. They also have various assortments ranging from furniture and accessories, Eco-friendly lights, organic oils and many more. Do visit sometime and thank me later!

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