Jewelry Trend From The Runway That You’ll Want To Start Wearing Now

by Jatin Gandhi

It’s time to transform your ordinary looks into next level. Jewelry trend is back on Vogue that you’ll want to start wearing now. Moving toward the things we know and discover something new, something that is unexplainable and unique. Doing extraordinary things for a better change; the things that keep us alive while we do things differently. It’s a Fashion Month and I watched a couple of Fashion shows with plenty of new Jewelry collections that looked timeless and modern. I believe it’s time to bring the change in Men’s Fashion too.

Last night, I watched this movie called “The Bling Ring”. In a movie, I got excited about the cluster of fancy collections that celebrities had in their homes. It was almost like, a home with a small fashion house in it. Everyone were going bananas with glitz and glamour. Swapping and trying on and off until you find the best of yourself.

The sheer opulence of their homes gave off a palpable fashion vibe. That vibe seems to make them feel beautiful in their own way. Dreams can be attained by putting strenuous efforts with your truest self and follow your own path.

You are just one step away and you can’t take it back. Are you ready to take a step and change the story of your life? I’ve realized there is only one thing that’s worth the moment and that is taking a step forward.

Luxury is not always about buying expensive outfits. Fashion isn’t always about luxury but the way you make up your own style and express your own fashion statement. Feeling good about yourself and comfortable is luxury. Finding something special and quirky has become a sport for me. I value the pleasure and freedom of choosing something that elevate your self-confidence and self-esteem. It’s interesting to explore the diversity in fashion, and transform your own look, feeling wild and free.

Different motivations, inspirations, encouragement ought to divergent views, results, opinions. There’s nothing wrong with that. We are just different in our own ways towards how we look upon the world.

I was layered in Plain Dark Beige T-shirt paired with sky blue denim pants and a cardigan on to pop up the whole look. I felt I needed to add something more. So, I discovered something new after a series of trials of misfortunes and conflict until it brought out the best out of me. Fashion is always about exploring new things.
As I am more fond of Jewelry so I tried experimenting with my mom’s jewelry and it surprisingly looked great on me. Curiosity is definitely a key to better conclusions.

Following norms aren’t my kind of asset and It gets mundane when you are restricted to limited options. It’s time to revive your wardrobe to the next-level.
And, I agree that accessories added a punch to my ordinary looks into next-level. Feeling different allows you to do things differently.

I must say, Jewelry looks undeniably hot and sexy on Men and I believe everyone should wear it too. Sparkly Jewelry tend to have a magnetic pull and I love how this jewelry seem to correlate perfectly with my outfit. This is one of the most stylish and sophisticated outfits I’ve ever worn.

Styling Tips : One of the easiest ways to rock your simple looks is with Jewelry. It takes few seconds to slip on some Jewelry and voila you’re new you.

It can be worn for wedding, date night, anniversary, movie premiere or just running errands. And of course, It can be worn for everyday casual look.

The allure of your favorite celebrities are endearing. A lot of people read fashion magazines and dive in to take a view of themselves in every possibility with divergent views. Cruising along through the magnificent insights of fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspires you to pull off the celebrity look. Moreover, you can look just as famous as celebrities.

It’s amazing how men switch to something that is considered feminine and what is considered masculine in a way that is thrilling, liberating and unconventional.

This is the only chance you have, the only step you can take, to morph yourself into new you and change the story of your life. Live like there is no tomorrow and make a great first impression.

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Jewelry – My Mom got it from Dubai.
Dark. Beige T-Shirt – H&M
Plain Jeans – Zara
Cardigan – Zara
Shoes – Converse