Ladies, Clutch those striking bracelets for Raksha Bandhan

by Jatin Gandhi

Bracelets are the new trend for Raksha Bandhan. Not only Jewelry can accentuate a look but also last for a long time. Celebrate the love with this timeless Jewelry piece you can tie for your brothers.
For those who don’t know about Raksha Bandhan, it’s a festival to celebrate the love between brothers and sisters. Raksha means “protection” and Bandhan means “to tie.” During the festival, sisters will tie a rakhi (a thread) around the wrist as a symbol of love and commitment. Brothers offer a gift as a symbol of their commitment to protect their sisters.

Moreover, It’s the little things in life that matters in Men’s fashion as well. Shifting from ordinary to extraordinary looks can be heaved with potential possibilities. We are relying on a change. A difference is something we always look forward to. What is fascinating today is the major breakthrough in Men’s Fashion with new trends, styles and so on, which has shifted from Men’s Fashion to Unisex looks. Trends do change when we look in the little details that are unisex or gender-less. Sometimes, We miss out on the little things and do better the next time.

Because, Nowadays, Girls wear most of the Men’s apparels. It’s pretty common. The new generation will be, Anybody can wear whatever they want whether it’s jewellery or accessories. Wear whatever you want as long as it looks good on you. It’s tad bit more special to dress up little different from ordinary looks. Fashion is not about identification, It’s all about the definition of individuality and originality of oneself.

I love Jewelry so much and I believe everyone should wear it. Without Jewelry and accessories, We are devoid of everything that makes fashion desirable and prudent. The obsession with the details, designs, and colors are quite endearing.
You think it’s girly to wear Jewelry? Definitely not1 It’s uni-sexual. If it looks good on you then nothing else matters whether it’s girly or not. I wore couple of rings, bracelets and a necklace, it looks undeniably gorgeous on me and I believe everyone should wear it too.

We are living with an infinity of choices. We are bound by the choices we make, and the reasons we choose to perform. It’s by taking time to experience magical moments which is crucial in order to be inspired by the world with a fresher outlook on things, which influences a person’s mindset. You come across so many more belief systems and value systems that have a huge impact on your mindset.

Fashion is not something that fades and will never come back again. It’s the changes that will bring into place by incorporating new techniques, new ways of style. If you can accentuate your style, then fashion will revive too. It takes some upgrade to bring back to its state of revival and a resurgence of interest in fashion. It’s a fashion breakthrough to better lifestyle and extraordinary trends.

As they say, It takes something to look back and invent something new. A step at a time. There are no shortcuts to creating something new; using shortcuts may lead to leaving a lot of interesting paths and surprises behind. Sometimes, The old things can be relived in an incomparable way. I believe, the past is always the best predictor of the future. Sometimes, Mind surprises us in many strange ways.
I wore a black cardigan over plain or cartoon printed t-shirt and a couple of rings, bracelet, and chain for Eboy or punk look or Everyday Casual look.

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Bracelets, Rings, and Necklace- Shein
Garfield Printed T-Shirt – Garfield Paws
Denim Pants – Zara
Banana Socks – H&M