Why More Men Should Wear Makeup? | No Makeup Makeup Look Tutorial

by Jatin Gandhi
Why More Men Should Wear Makeup? | No Makeup Makeup Look Tutorial

Don’t Skinterfere! Exposed > Revealed > Anxiety. Do you know how does one go through a phase of difficulties and leading to deterioration in one’s itself? 

Sometimes, the discomfort of your skin is holding you back from going out, preventing you from taking selfies on snapchat, hiding yourself in a den. A surge of anxiety about the people’s thoughts, feeling embarrassed by being exposed, etc. Nowadays, People are taking advantage of themselves when they come to such situation about daily skin care routine, no make-up look, acne prone skin care, rosacea, etc.  Taking care of yourself starts with self discovery and positivity. 

Whether it’s makeup or skincare, it really doesn’t mater. It looks the same. You can’t tell the difference whether it’s for men or women when it’s all about taking care of yourself and making yourself feel good and confident. 

Let me tell you a story, I had a terrible terrible acne in the past. Even now, I do get acne on my chin sometimes. When I applied a concealer, I felt a lot better because I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. I have done my makeup while my friends were around, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. And one day, I recommended about the concealer with my friends, eventually they started using it too. My point is, It’s not about who is using it whether it’s a man or a woman, it’s all about making yourself feel good and confident. That’s all what matters. 

Remind yourself that you’re doing it to make yourself feel good and nothing else matters. Don’t let someone take your happiness. Just do it and stay amazing.  This is my first makeup video and there will be more coming up. Stay tuned on my Instagram page and Youtube channel to stay updated and excited.