Padmavati Movie: Insider View Of Fashion Editorial

by Jatin Gandhi

Hola, Explorers! As I was scrambling through the posts on Instagram, and I saw a Padmavati poster and the release of a new song called “Ghoomar”, and I immediately youtube-d this Ghoomar song from Padmavati movie. The obsession with the Ghoomar dance is epidemic. The music, the dance, and the scenery were inherently flawless.

I have always been a big fan of Deepika Padukone, because of her sartorial aptitude and her strenuous efforts in movies which I’d like to mention a few – Piku, Bajirao Mastani. And now, I am totally looking forward to watch this movie “Padmavati”.

This Ghoomar song includes a lot of twirling in circles, which left me dazedly speechless. I was totally drawn to the fine details, colours, and designs. I have always had a strong affinity with Rajasthani dresses that are truly mesmerising. Anyhow, Coming to Fashion, Rajasthani outfits are timeless and enchanting, which impelled me to do a challenging project called Padmavati Concept. I wanted every shot to be captured and convey their authenticity and appreciate every detail that are sartorially challenged. You know we miss out a lot on little things when we are watching a video.

The dance form, poses, and everything precipitated me to capture that in beguiling way as possible. There’s something hypnotic about this post that’s linked with a glamorous lure for aspiring creators.

Inspiration from Ghoomar Song | Padmavati Movie - Insider View Of Fashion EditorialPadmavati Movie - Insider View Of Fashion Editorial | Fashion Morphism
Creating this post has been quite difficult, because the locations for the photoshoots are disconcerted here. I was left disappointed, and then I found a vintage place in one of my friend’s office filled with lot of boxes. I had to literally find a perfect angle and clear the particular spot to convey a better artistic direction with my own view. Nevertheless, It turned out pretty great. I love an idea of “limitlessness” which is challenging and productive.

There’s something beautiful about Patience. The longer you wait for the preparation to be done, the more beautiful it gets. It all starts with a basic premise to produce a desired outcome: Dazzling outfits, a dash of creativity and some gleaming backgrounds made these pictures the creme de la creme. My favourite part of this post are the accessories, they are infallible, it’s crazy how they add shimmer to the pictures. And somehow, with the limited things we had, it turned out spectacular.

Padmavati Movie - Insider View Of Fashion Editorial | Fashion Morphism_4 Padmavati Movie - Insider View Of Fashion Editorial | Fashion Morphism_3

Just like Music, People make covers in their own version. Likewise, I thought of creating something in my own version for Padmavati Movie. It’s really important to be able to do anything despite any doubts that may come. Being in doubt leads us to imagine new ways.

The flamboyant colors of the backgrounds, the model’s makeup, costumes, altogether defined a monumental leap in terms of style, art, and film. I am just overjoyed with the images that are playful yet trailblazing. Another thing I’m truly impressed about these pictures is the perfect correlation between the background and the characteristics of the subject.

Padmavati-Movie---Insider-View-Of-Fashion-Editorial-_-Ghoomar-Song-InspirationPadmavati Movie - Insider View Of Fashion Editorial | Fashion Morphism_2

The experience about creating something different made me even more determined to be the kind of a person who thinks “Nothing is impossible.” I’ve been through different unfavourable situations that have taught me the risks of pushing myself beyond my limits, which is truly incredible.

A Big thanks to Mardhu who allowed me do the photoshoot at his office.

Model – Bhavya Joshi

Photography – Jatin Gandhi
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