Pure Drama

by Jatin Gandhi

It has been a longtime since I have posted new stuff. It felt amazing to take some time off, to think, to create, and being disconnected from social media, is definitely a great bonus to breakthrough. 

I don’t know where to start, I have so much to say, so much to look forward to. Here we go! 

When I heard this song “Song for you” by Rhye, it got me hooked. So touching and beautiful.

It’s about appreciating someone and appreciating yourself with the same person. Trusting and being the person that can be trusted with someone’s emotions. That’s what love is. Pure and raw. 

I adore real people, real conversations, and experience new things and share what inspires me. I don’t think we are born and remain one kind of being. Our perception on things keeps evolving and changing as we go thru new experiences and meet new people. 

You are morphing into new you, with new ideas, new ways, in which the generation will change too by embracing your truest self. 

Sometimes, you feel you have nothing left, but life always offers new twists. Accept each facet as an opportunity and lead in your own way. 

Nothing remains constant cause our taste in music, food, and style changes based on how we perceive things, which is amazing, isn’t it? 

The freedom is endless. We are bound by the choices we make and the reasons we choose to perform. So, you decide what you feel is best for you. 

I’m wearing a white striped blazer over plain white tee pairing with white pants for simple, mordern, and classy look.
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Blazer – ZARA
Pants – Max Fashion
T-Shirt – H&M

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