Reasons to Wear all Black From the BTS Member Suga who Wears All Black

by Jatin Gandhi
Reasons to Wear all Black From the BTS Member Suga who Wears All Black

Ah! What a perfect timing to launch a new blog post on the same day BTS Member Suga (aka Agust D) released a new mixtape called D-2! Don’t miss out on anything here cause little things can make a huge difference for us. 
Reasons to Wear all Black From the BTS Member Suga who wears all black. Share this to your friends and tag them on social media! 

BTS is everything and its full form is Bangtan Boys. It’s a K-pop band but the word BTS as behind the scenes motivates, inspires us to be better and learn from them. But, BTS as an Army through their music is totally different kind of therapy in annihilation of negativity. 

It’s funny that I’ve been watching more BTS (behind the scenes) about BTS. Ah, what a perfect name. BTS are truly unique because of many reasons that I’m gonna converse about. 

I know many of us don’t understand the language but their songs are so catchy and touching which led us to find out more what it meant. The dances are simply amazing and flawless. Not only they have an amazing fans called ARMY, but also have helped BTS win awards by translating the lyrics and created an online community that reflects themselves. 

Their album “Love Yourself” became so popular because of the way they expressed their views and feelings on many platforms. The phrase ‘Love yourself’ is a metaphor for discovering something new everyday with the heaps of faults and mistakes and embracing them as much as you can. People cling to their songs to their attractive tenacity.

BTS are unique because they have succeeded without any backing of a major music company, breaking the norms in terms of fashion masculinity, It’s amazing how men switch to something that is considered feminine and what is considered masculine in a way that is thrilling, liberating and unconventional. Their styles is creating a new norm for masculinity, for one that is something new, experimental and unconventional. 

Also, they’re not afraid to talk about their anxieties and feelings, and be the voice of their generation. They did everything on their own just by believing themselves. So can you. Just believe in yourself and do what you feel. 

BTS have redefined masculinity in different ways with many styles and the way they present themselves physically, most importantly. There will be more surprises coming in the upcoming posts, stay tuned on Instagram – @jatingandhiofficial. 

One of the BTS  team members named Suga, definitely knows how to pull off the minimal looks in the most attractive way and he loves to keep it comfortable and cozy. He is an epitome of minimalism and elegant. He wears black most of the time, but surely knows how to keep it snazzy with other neutral colors. Not just that, but also he loves to accessorize his looks with hats, jewelleries, or dye the hair. He has a quirky and chill personality which reflects on his style. 

Moreover, even for the basic looks, his style is visually aesthetic than the conventional looks. 

There are lot of successful people who sticks to only one color like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Karl Lagerfeld, and many more. 

Like Mark Zuckerberg expressed his reason that he have to make a few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve the community. It’s true. 

So can we make quick decisions as well by transforming our basic look to new look. It’s the most effortless thing you can do. The reason behind wearing black is that, it makes you look more attractive and timeless. It’s the most stress-free and simplest way to pull off an all black outfit. 

I will show you that everyone can totally slay it even for the basic looks. A little quirk can change the whole outlook in a blaze of the public audience. There’s always one person who sticks to only black, but you can make it look attractive by accessorizing your basic look with printed bandana, whether it’s floral, tribal or stripes, to a new look. 

Before I bought this floral bandana from H&M, I had lot of second thoughts in mind like, it’s feminine to wear something floral, or it’s feminine to accessorize your looks. But, I thought I’ll try it on, and I didn’t worry about the second thoughts anymore because it looked so attractive on me. If you like it and feel good about yourself, then just wear It.  

Bandana – H&M
Black Shoes – Converse
T- Shirt – Zara
Black Joggers – Zara

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