The Art Of Getting By

by Jatin Gandhi
Must Try Places in Philadelphia

Hey, people! Morning from Philadelphia! Not only my sister’s graduation convinced me to book flight tickets to Philadelphia, but also the allurement of this city. Also, Check out amazing things to do in Philadelphia.

A place of serenity. A place of being dragged away from all the busy daily activities. Since I arrived here in Philly, there’s so much to explore in this city. Life is all about divulging new things, finding inspiration. It keeps me going because the precious time I spend around here never ceases to amaze me. A bunch of flowers is the first sign of this transition to warm sunshine. It’s green outside and looks amazing.

It was like the clouds parted, and the gleaming sunshine brightened up the beauty of this city. I suddenly felt like I had acquired some power of being capable of doing things on time. The sense of power was thrilling.

When you wake up in the morning, your Auto Pilot Mode turns on. The daily routine is as usual like brushing your teeth, taking a bath, having breakfast, and other things in the morning To-Do list. But at the same time, when you were thinking about something, and you forget something you were concerned about a minute ago. And again you try to grasp about something you’ve forgotten. Unfortunately, That’s not helping. But, it’s much easier to chill and put your music on loud speaker and dance. You are an automation of daily routine.

The more connected you are to the world, the more available you are to grasp the ideas and seize the opportunities. Sometimes, when we get so cloaked up in our minds, we miss out something that’s available to us at the moment.
Best places to visit in philadelphia Best places to visit in philadelphia
These are some of the restaurants you must try in Philadelphia PA.

• If you’re looking for an Indian Buffet, you should try Sitar India Restaurant. It’s pretty good. Being far away from India and missing an Indian food was like home away from home. Having a buffet at Sitar India Restaurant is always a great deal and can save you a lot of money. And, UNLIMITED FOOD.

• If you’re looking for Chinese restaurant, Han Dynasty is one of the best places to try Chinese food for the first time. Noodles were one of the chinese dishes I’ve tried. It was quite different and tasted pretty good. Chopsticks were certainly new to me. And, I asked one of the waiters to teach me how to eat with chopsticks. It was really fun and amusing for the first-timer.

Top chinese restaurants in Philadelphia
• If you’re looking for something Italian, The Olive Garden is one of the best places to try. Try Salads, Pastas, and damn, I am bad at names. Wanna be a detective? Detect it by yourself with these pictures. And, I hope you will enjoy a bowl of salad. It’s enjoy-a-bowl (enjoyable) says, Snoop Dogg. Haha.

Best Italian Restaurants in Philadelphia Must try restaurants in Philadelphia
• It’s good to experience and try out new things when you’re in a new city and try to explore by yourself. I’ve tried different kinds of Ice creams and other foods. You should try out Cold Stone for an Ice Cream. Also, I’ve tried Haagen-Daas and Ben & Jerry Ice creams. All of them were yummy. Cold Stone Creamery is one of my favorite places and I would recommend you’all to visit if you haven’t.

Best places to get Ice Cream in Philadelphia
• I was a little tired when we were roaming around the city. Without any second thought, we went to Panera bread and ordered a Double Chocolate Fantasy Cake and a couple of coffees which is good for an energy booster.

• Wanna try Pretzels? You should have Pretzels from Auntie Annie’s. They’re so good inside and out! And Oh Aunty, I was happy with these soft pretzel not worrying about my braces.

auntie-annies-pretzels - Must try places in Philadelphia
• If you have a sweet tooth, Try donuts at cinnamoni donuts which is located at Philadelphia Premium Outlets! I loved the process of making donuts. I was craving for it and it was delicious.

Comment below and I’d love to hear your views. And, for those who have not been there, do visit the next time you plan. I would really appreciate it if you could drop by and share your opinions. Thank you so much. And, Stay tuned for more updates.