Tipsy Yet Gypsy

by Jatin Gandhi
Fashion Editorial Photograph

Being a one-man, who plays different roles varying from blogger, writer, to photographer, have become more congenial to me. Multi-tasking has become my object of affection.
Since I collaborate with different models, bloggers, and other aspiring talented people, moved me to do challenging, creative projects. I really admire their confidence, beliefs, and composure.
We do not only collaborate but throw and churn the ideas to originate something dynamic and creative. We motivate, help, and inspire each other. That’s the only way that can keep us bold, strong and confident, to castle this world as creative and artistic as possible.

I am thrilled to share the recent shoot I’ve worked on, which turned out as expected the unexpected.
Nor is it overrated or underrated; In between there’s something interesting about this look, Tipsy yet Gypsy.

I am often inspired from Fashion which is invariably associated with Balance and Style; Without balance, it becomes fatigued and uncomfortable. They have the tendency to revive and add a zest to monotonous fashion.

Mind is like a cook, in the sequel, the mind gets acquainted when we think of the few ingredients, make a twist and cohere into creating something – taking a figment of your imagination and putting it into action and setting it into motion.

I was certain that the concept of this shoot is gonna be like a Commercial shoot but yet, it turned out stunning.

In the discourse about the fashion obsolescence, It’s reassuring that complacency takes place on how we make a style statement with our own creativity, which can win many hearts.

As thoughts and the perception have led me to places where an inspiration can be found, delve into many things together, producing an outcome.
An imaginative art, resonating with different reminders of many things we have acquired.
It has always been fascinating when curiosity prompted me to look at the insights based on the subject, to stimulate our vivid imagination, leading to a lot of potentialities.

Tipsy Yet Gypsy | LA PHOSPHENES Tipsy Yet Gypsy | LA PHOSPHENES Tipsy Yet Gypsy | LA PHOSPHENES Fashion Editorial Photography | LA PHOSPHENES Tipsy Yet Gypsy | LA PHOSPHENES

With a reference to Goth look and Chic dress, linked with balanced style and freedom, it is certain to give you a modern twist.

I had a feeling that it was going to be a successful shoot due to the generosity of this place which popped up with lavish interiors, and provided many sources of light.

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Photography & Conceptualization – Jatin Gandhi