Why Men should consider buying from Women’s Apparels?

by Jatin Gandhi
Why Men should buy from Women's Apparels? | Jatin Gandhi

Men’s fashion have become stereotyped and orthodox in some ways. It’s true that I buy clothes from the Women’s Apparels cause of many factors like more varieties, better pricing differences (hahah), more accessories, etc. At first, I thought it would be weird but turns out it gave me a new sense of perspective on style. If you know how to style and pull off the look that is considered feminine in a way that is thrilling, liberating and unconventional, you’re good to go!

Fuck the toxic masculinity and just go with it. Do it for yourself. As cliche as it may sound, at the end of the day, it’s only YOU.

It’s weird how the economy is depended on the gender basis like more products are marketed and sold to the women more than men. Personally, I feel there’s no such thing as targeting the customers or should anyone feel limited.

If it just simply looks good, just go for it without any second thoughts. We are bound by the choices we make, and the reasons we choose to perform.

Imagination, Changes, and Transformation are the benefit of making your life remarkably fashionable and productive. A lot of people read fashion magazines and dive in to take a view of themselves in every possibility with divergent views. Cruising along through the magnificent insights of fashion, beauty and lifestyle and imagine what it would be like to wear that or another to look good and feel different. Curiosity is definitely a key to better conclusions.

I believe most of the women’s design have been reproduced from the men’s. In the early 80’s, Crop-top sweatshirts have become popular and as the result of the popularity from films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Flash Dance, etc.  A.k.a Evening wear. For an instance, Johnny Depp wore a cut-up sweatshirt in the film called Nightmare on Elm Street.

I love this cut-up sweatshirt with over-sized shoulder design. Nothing can beat the aura of this casual look as they can be worn for Parties, Airport, and Outdoorsy look. I felt extremely comfortable and at ease with this look.  So, I was wondering if I could slip into my girlfriend’s cut-up sweatshirt and see how it looked. It had definitely changed my image of my girlfriend’s sweatshirt, my appearance in this outfit seemed to look dashing and spiffy. I love how my jewellery and shoes blend with my outfit and add a flare to my unparalleled style.

Why Men should buy from Women's Apparels? | Jatin Gandhi
Why Men should buy from Women's Apparels? | Jatin Gandhi
Why Men should buy from Women's Apparels? | Jatin Gandhi

Styling tip: I wore my girlfriend’s cut-up sweatshirt over long plain tees paired with denim jogger pants.

Plain T-shirt – GAP
Girlfriend’s Cut-up Sweatshirt – ZARA
Denim Pants – Max Fashion India
Shoes – Converse
Rings and Chain – SHEIN
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