Why should only Women be the face of beauty brands, and not Men?

by Jatin Gandhi
Why-should-only-women-be-the-face-of-beauty-brands-and-not-men | Jatin Gandhi | Fashion Morphism

Why should only women be the face of beauty brands? Why not men too? 

Everyone is beautiful and everyone has to be able to shine and be the best version they can be. No one has to feel any less of a person due to toxic masculinity.  We were taught that the word “beautiful” was used to describe women. But clearly, it’s universally inclusive. 

Speaking about the Previous post “Why More Men should wear Makeup?”, it feels great to share that we all have freedom to do anything that makes us feel good and confident. But there’s so much more yet to come. Follow me on Instagramjatingandhiofficial. Stay tuned for more. 

I was disappointed that the pictures captured for beauty brands were only women, and women being the face of beauty brands. It’s like being told, that makeup is only for women. I believe if Men were captured too for the beauty brands, it would definitely encourage and inspire a lot of people. It’s amazing when one follows something that make themselves feel good and the rest follows.

When beauty is associated only for women, it’s like Men are restricted for Makeup, Skincare. I feel that nobody should feel that way and it’s time to break the norms. It’s amazing how most of the brands have different kinds of shades that are made available for your skin tone to make you feel naturally beautiful. It doesn’t mean it’s specifically made for women but also men as well. People would love to hone their natural face features, experiment with different kinds of makeup, and create their own look without any barriers and feel complete.

When most of the beauty brands become more inclusive, it’s taking a leap on mental wellness and of course a big forward for everyone. Mental health is one of the most important factor for everybody. We all want to feel good, look good and feel confident. That’s what matters the most despite the color of the skin or the gender. 

Check out some Makeup Tutorials I posted on my Youtube Channel. These are some of my favorite (animal cruelty free) brands – Tarte, Benefit, Makeup Forever, Fenty Beauty, Milk Makeup, Clinique, Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, and Too Faced Cosmetics.

Why-should-only-women-be-the-face-of-beauty-brands-and-not-men | Jatin Gandhi | Fashion Morphism
Why-should-only-women-be-the-face-of-beauty-brands-and-not-men | Jatin Gandhi | Fashion Morphism
Why-should-only-women-be-the-face-of-beauty-brands-and-not-men | Jatin Gandhi | Fashion Morphism

Most of the beauty brands with many available color shades, as a metaphor, signifies that it’s for everyone, for all the skin color. Everyone matters and everyone should feel great and embrace it. Makeup is hopeful, transformative, and joyful. It’s accessible for everyone despite the gender. Don’t let the stereotypes stop you from doing things you love that truly makes you feel unique, hopeful, and amazing. 

Fuck the toxic masculinity and just go with it. Do it for yourself. As cliche as it may sound, at the end of the day, it’s only YOU.

May the shift change, We are in the course of transition. However, We are in a transition from one season to another, which accordingly, changes our instinct towards the outfits. I am talking about the constant development of our choices, our looks, over the seasons of time. So do we make sure that we feel comfortable and be confident. 

Two of the well-known makeup vloggers such as James Charles and Manny Gutierrez led to changing the face of the American makeup industry when they collaborated with Maybelline and CoverGirl.

I wish all the beauty brands would go genderless which would obviously widen an audience and increase in sales. It’s not about the sales, it’s about the change we are transitioning into, moving beyond beauty and self care. 

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