Would You Buy Your Clothes From Women’s Apparels? | No Gender Rule

by Jatin Gandhi

Would You Share Your Clothes With Your Partner or Would you guys buy your clothes from Women’s Apparels or girls from Men’s Apparels? Gender biased clothes is almost boring and clearly mundane. It’s time for a change. Look around you … shirts, pants, hoodies, biker coats; they all mean pretty much the same thing regardless of who is wearing it, a man, or a woman. Perhaps, we’ve entered a ‘nonpartisan zone’… doing things that we love and wearing clothes that makes us feel better and confident. So, Just try it, wear it and stay excited. 

Though certain styles and apparels will retain their sex based appeal, I believe that “unisex” will take on a life of it’s own. I am not certain if unisex would grow into the fashion mogul of style or become the icon of clothing for casual living. I guess men would still desire a masculine appeal and women, a delicate charm. 

However, be what it will, unisex dressing is here to stay, as style is what matters. 

So, for now, take a leap with me to notice a few things unisexual. For instance, women wearing men’s shirts, cardigans and sweaters … because it’s quite comfy. After all, you can share garments, perfumes, accessories, and several other articles of style. 

Speaking of sharing clothes, it reminds me of Joey from Friends Tv show, “It’s like a celebration of special love that male and female share. It’s a love based on giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. And the love they give and have is shared and received. And through this having and giving  and sharing and receiving. We too can share and love and have and receive.” 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s masculine or feminine, it looks the same when you wear it. You just have to know how to pull off a style in a way that gives you a sense of freedom.  It’s unisex and anybody can wear it.

Moreover, I must admit, I did fall for a women’s cardigan when I couldn’t find the same in men’s apparels. I really liked the soft texture and its style. Also, I wore a silver chain to bring the glow to my look. I find lot of stuff comfortable, soft and stylish in women’s apparels and most importantly more varieties. I fell in love until I tried on the black cardigan from the women’s apparels. 

Not just me, even women can buy clothes from Men’s Apparels. Just go for it and do what you feel best.

We all are relying on a change, trying new things, so does style. Unisex is definitely a big fashion forward.

Friends, I don’t think unisex is about what you wear but about how you feel in terms of style and comfort. 

Dressed up in a black cardigan over full sleeve turtleneck tee and denim pants with a silver chain to kill the monochrome look. You can also wear a textured black scarf for unconventional and snazzy look. 

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Cardigan – Zara

Full sleeves Turtleneck tee – Uniqlo  

Pants – Zara

Silver Chain – Shein

Black Scarf – H&M