You like because and you love despite

by Jatin Gandhi
You-like-because-and-you-love-despite | Fashion Morphism | New style tips and tricks for 2020

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share this post “You like because, and you love despite!” with tips on how to transform your ordinary look to an extraordinary look with new style for any time of the year!

One day my friend asked me a question, Do you think you would have liked yourself from a third person’s point of view? If yes, why? If not, what would you do to be a better version of yourself? 

I can always try to give it a chance from other’s point of view. Cause, we all see the world differently. We all inspire and learn from others, take it or leave it based on our views and opinions. That’s how we can be a better version. 

When you think about a change, it always starts with why.

Sometimes, It’s confusing to think about how things are changing drastically. Cause sometimes, you don’t feel like yourself or maybe in some ways you do. Controlling yourself too much or being bounded by norms completely changes us. You’re just missing the true “you”. 

The purpose of writing this post was all about the confusion caused by many unfavorable situations, intentionally or unintentionally, having a control over our anger. 

Things can go upside down in many ways. What really inspired me to write this post, is the indescribable fear that everyone faces when the world goes upside down. I wanted to explore more about the repercussions of the Upside Down as a metaphor for fear, anxiety, and nightmare. We all have our own choices to keep it fun and youthful.

We can be so different but we still see things the same way. People being so different and they come together. That’s how we choose to be “Different”, “Unique” and “Special”. It’s just the way you choose to be based on how you project the world, the actions you take, and deal with it effectively. 

Don’t try to change people, you just love them for who they are. 

It reminds me of a beautiful quote “You like because, and you love despite. You like someone because of all their qualities, and you love someone despite some of their qualities.” 

The moment you feel that we get along so well and we don’t even know why is truly an art of serendipity. 

I love how you can transform your ordinary look to an extraordinary look with little changes. I wore a chetah printed shirt paired with white striped jogger pants for dainty look. Replace your plain socks with printed socks to add a little spice to your look. It’s time to upgrade your look and morph yourself into new you. Always dress up better!

Cheetah Printed Shirt – H&M 
Striped Joggers – Max Fashion
Chilli Printed Socks – H&M
Wrist Bands – H&M
Shoes – Converse

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